7 Benefits of Sleeping Naked For Your Skin

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Sleep is essential for the mental and physical development of human beings, and it is one of those things that are critical for survival.

Most people understand the importance of getting enough of it but what many do not know is that how you sleep matters a lot.

Studies show that sleeping naked is better than sleeping with pajamas as it has many health benefits.

The skin is one of the organs that gain most from sleeping naked. And the benefits include the following seven.

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#1 Lowers Risk of Skin Diseases

Several kinds of skin disease can affect a human being.

Whereas some are unpreventable, most others are preventable, and one of the most efficient ways of doing this is by sleeping naked.

Your skin is a magnificent body organ, and it is as important as all the other ones, and so it is crucial to free it from restricting or tight clothes for a few hours as you sleep.

The fresh air that you get in all parts of the body when you sleep naked might not seem important, but research proves that it is useful in lowering the risk of skin diseases.

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#2 Keeps Wrinkles at Bay

keep wrinkle at bay

As tough as this might be to believe, sleeping naked can help keep wrinkles in check and hence leave you feeling and looking young.

It is a fact, and there is enough research to prove that people that sleep naked tend to deteriorate slower than those who sleep with pajamas.

The explanation behind this is that when you sleep with clothes your core temperature rises rapidly.

Any temperature that is above 21 degrees prevents or interferes with the release of growth hormones and melatonin which the skin needs for a youthful look.

Sleeping without any clothes ensures that your body temperature is low enough for the production of these vital compounds.

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#3 Encourages Skin-to-Skin Contact


Skin-to-skin contact boosts the production of Oxytocin which is a feel-good hormone that has almost countless positive benefits.

A high amount of this hormone helps in combating depression and stress, with some studies also suggesting that it can help with high blood pressure.

This hormone also makes the skin look healthy and younger and to top everything up it will also help you feel connected to your partner.

#4 Minimizes Sweating

Sweating is essential for the body as it contributes to getting rid of toxins and it has many other benefits.

However, if the sweat dries on your skin, it will cause more harm than good.

Sleeping with clothes means that you will sweat a lot and the fact that you are deep asleep in turn means that you will not be able to do anything to get rid of the sweat.

The dry sweat will clog your pores as you sleep and studies show that this is one of the leading causes of acne.

Pimples and blemishes can also be a result of clogged pores, and once you get them, they will not be easy to remove.

Sleeping naked minimizes sweating and so your likelihood of getting pimples and acne will also reduce significantly.

#5 Better Sleep Allow Skin Cells to Recover


Naked sleeping means that you will not have to worry about clothes tangling with sheets or your shirt twisting late in the night.

And so, this means that you can enjoy uninterrupted and long sleep which is just what your skin needs.

Sleep gives your skin cells time to regenerate, and this is what you need to get that healthy glow.

Better sleep also means that any soft tissues in your skin will tend to heal fast which also is another way of ensuring that you always have a healthy skin.

#6 It Boosts your Metabolism

In 2014 researchers of Diabetes Journal found that when people slept in a chilly room, they produced double the volume of brown fat - a healthy fat stored in your neck that burns calories to generate body heat - compared to when they slept in a warmer room.

Keeping your body temperature lower by sleeping nude could produce the same effect, says study author Francesco S. Celi, M.D.

Sleeping in a cooler environment is good for your skin and body in general.

And this is because it makes it possible for the body to burn some calories so as to produce some heat.

This boost in metabolism will help burn the unhealthy fats in your body which means that sleeping naked can lead to weight loss.

Any unhealthy fat that might be accumulating below the skin will also get burned down as your body tries to generate enough heat to keep it warm as you sleep.

#7 You Feel Free

No matter how loose your pajamas might be, they still cannot match the feeling that nudity gives you.

There are no restrictions when sleeping naked and you get to feel the softness of your silky sheets while also being able to sleep in any position that you want without any limitations.

You will also wake up feeling refreshed in the morning and with dry skin that is free from any sticky and annoying sweat.

And so, your birthday suit can change your sleeping experience and make you look forward to bedtime.

There are many other benefits that your skin will get from sleeping naked, but it is important to ensure that you sleep in the right environment. For this, you need the right room temperature and a comfortable bed as this will help you enjoy all the gains that come with sleeping naked.

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