20 Legit Passport Wallets For Travelers

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Having your travel documents intact and secure should be a priority whenever you are outside the country. I’ve heard stories about people losing their travel documents and I can tell that it is a nightmare to have them replaced. I can only imagine the tedious process I had to go through when applying for my passport and other travel documents. Now imagine the pain of going through a similar process but in a different country. It definitely sucks, right?

To avoid such issues, I would recommend you to always have a quality passport wallet to carry your identification documents, boarding pass, and credit cards. Traveling is meant to be enjoyable and smooth as long as you have everything on set. Don’t just buy a passport carrier for the sake of it, make sure you purchase one that can be organized easily. 

Let me cut my long story short and brief you a bit on what this article is all about. For starters, I will be introducing 20 passport organizers that you can choose from. What’s more? I will be taking you through a few factors to consider when shopping for the travel passport wallets.

20 Best Passport Wallets Revealed 

Now that you have enough knowledge on how to choose a good travel document holder, I am going to introduce you to the top 20 products you can count on. I hope you guys will find the right passport carrier for your needs. 

1. BAGSMART Travel RFID Blocking Passport Holder

The BAGSMART passport wallet is the ideal choice for people who are looking for a compact zippered wallet. This travel accessory is designed for minimalist travel and most importantly, it has enough space to hold your cash, credit cards, and passport. Besides, it comes with effective RFID blocking layers that block any attempts to scan your credit cards and passports. 

This product has 6 pocket slots, a front pocket, and one mesh pocket to store keys or coins. It is available in grey, black and blue. Moreover, its design is ideal for both men and women.

2. Defway Leather Travel Wallet

Defway Travel wallet is yet another awesome passport holder you can buy. It has an incredibly lightweight and sleek design. You will definitely find it to be convenient whenever you are traveling. I am saying this because it comes with enough storage space for your credit cards, tickets, receipts, boarding pass, and cash. It is made with water resistant and durable Lychee PU leather. Besides, it features a Built-in RFID blocking material that ensures your cards are safe.

3. Gallaway Leather Travel Wallet

This travel accessory has an adorable design and rich coffee brown color. It comes with multiple compartments that can hold up to 9 cards, 2 passports, pen, travel documents, and cash. Apart from that, you will get a neck lanyard which you can use to hang the wallet on your neck. The good thing is that the Gallaway travel wallet has a zipper that ensures all your belongings are safe and secure.

4. Pacsafe Rfidsafe V150

If you are looking for a luxurious travel wallet, then the Pacsafe Rfidsafe V150 is your best bet. This passport organizer will protect your identity by keeping your cards and documents safe. It has a special RFID blocking material that will protect you against credit card hacker scanning. Moreover, the Pacsafe V150 does not disappoint in terms of organization, it has enough space to store your cards and documents.

5. Genuines Long Leather Travel Wallet

This is just a simple but elegant passport wallet holder for couples who are traveling. It has enough compartments to hold travel documents, credit cards, two passports, and cash. Luckily, it has a design that allows you to access the documents easily. This travel accessory will keep you organized so that you won’t have to rummage and worry about finding your docs at the passport control.

6. Zoopen Travel Passport Holder

The Zoopen Travel passport holder is another high-quality travel accessory that has a nice and sturdy construction. This travel wallet will store a bit more than just your passport. As you can see, it has several pockets which can hold your credit cards, boarding passes, and cash. Zoopen is a premium product as it comes with RFID security. You can get it in any color you want.

7. ACdream Passport Holder case

The ACdream is a good option if you are looking for a cheap travel document holder. Despite its low price, this accessory can hold business cards, credit cards, and boarding passes. This wallet will fit snugly in your pocket as it is quite small and lightweight. Moreover, it has the RFID blocking security feature to ensure you are protected from identity thieves.

8. Defway Family Passport holder

Defway is quite popular when it comes to travel wallets. This is yet another product from the same company and it is amazing, to say the least. It is a great family passport wallet as it has the capacity to hold 4 passports, 5 credit cards, tickets, cash, keys, coins, boarding card, and a pen. It also has a large pocket which you can store your phone. In addition, it comes with RFID blocking technology to protect your family from electronic identity thieves.

9. Habitoux Travel Wallet

The Habitoux is a unique travel passport holder that is made using genuine cow leather. The leather has been made to look aged in order to improve the appearance of the holder. Habitoux is quite durable and it comes with enough room for two passports. This spacious travel wallet is a great option for people who love vintage stuff.

10. Jiemei Passport organizer

Are you a mom who is looking for a good family passport wallet? Well, the Jiemei clutch bag will be a good option. This passport organizer has a nice design which also makes it a good gift. It is durable, lightweight, and waterproof. You will be getting value for your money because it has RFID blocking technology and can store up to 4 to 5 passports.

11. Byevzi Family Travel Document Organizer

Another option you have is the Byevzi passport holder. It is great for families who are traveling abroad. This travel accessory comes with the RFID proprietary blocking material. Besides, it has enough storage to hold credit cards, passports, tickets, cash, ID card, phone, and driver’s license. Byevzi is available in brown, purple, lake blue and rose gold colors.

12. RFID Travel Money Belt

If you are in charge of travel documents and still haven’t found a good passport holder, then you might be interested in the SmartricksFactory Money Belt. This awesome waist wallet is lightweight and large enough to hold credit cards, passports and travel documents. In addition, it features RFID block protection.

13. FREETOO Waist Wallet

In case you don’t like the Smartricksactory Money Belt, you can opt to go with this model by FREETOO. It will keep your passport and other travel documents organized. FREETOO waist wallet will protect you from unwanted scans and keeps your information safe from electronic thieves.

14. JUNDUN Family Passport Holder

JUNDUN is an RFID passport holder that will protect your credit cards and passport from unauthorized persons. Moreover, it is fire and water resistant, meaning that your valuables will always be safe. You will definitely like the flexible storage and organization provided by the JUNDUN passport carrier.

15. Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch

Venture 4th is definitely one of the best neck pouch wallets of all times. This product has been in the market for an extended time and it never ceases to amaze me. It has everything you are looking for in passport holder. Of course, this includes a neck lanyard, RFID blocking technology, and generous storage space.

16. Hansin Passport Holder

Hansen is definitely an ideal passport holder for youth. It is made using premium synthetic leather and comes in various colors to match your taste. Hansin will keep your credit cards safe from RFID scans. This accessory will allow convenient access to documents whenever you are at the passport control.

17. Alpha Keeper Neck Wallet

Neck wallets are great when it comes to storing passports, credit cards, travel documents, and money. You can spend a few bucks on the Alpha Keeper and see how amazing it is. The Alpha Keeper is a great choice for men and women who want a good passport holder. Amazingly, it also comes with RFID blocking technology to ensure that your information is safe.

18. ProCase Travel Passport Wallet Organizer

The ProCase passport organizer features a classic and neutral design that is ideal for family travel. It comes with a double zipper to protect your items from falling. This passport wallet will come in handy when you want to organize all your essential documents and cards in one place. Besides, you will be safe from identity theft and electronic pickpocketing.

19. First Avenue Minimalist Sleeve Wallet

First Avenue is a slim passport holder that is large enough to keep your travel documents and passport intact. It is the perfect organizer for minimalist travel because it will fit in your pocket snuggly. It is durable enough to last you for several years. You can also give it to your friend or partner who loves traveling.

20. MUCO Hidden Passport Holder

The Mucco Travel Money Belt happens to be my last pick but this doesn’t mean it is bad. It is definitely one of the few passport holders that can carry a load of items. With this travel wallet, you will be able to keep all your belongings in one place. What’s better? It comes with several RFID protection layers that block electrical signals from identity theft.

How To Choose The Best Passport Travel Wallet 

Choosing a passport holder should be pretty easy if you know what are looking for. You just don’t pick any product and call it a wrap. You should try to consider the key factors that make a good passport wallet before you spend your hard-earned money on one. This is how you will be guaranteed of something jazzy. 
  1. Size 

    This is the most important factor to consider whenever you are choosing a passport organizer. You must ensure that the product you want to buy is big enough to hold all your documents and credit cards. Of course, you should go with a reasonable size because if you are not careful enough you are going to end up with something large and bulky.

  2. Security Features 

    As much as you are trying to protect your documents from getting lost, you need to ensure that the product of your choice comes with key security features. A good wallet should use anti-slash fabric in order to protect you against thugs who might try to rip into the holder.

    The other key security feature you might want to look for is the Radio Frequency Identification blocking technology (RFID). Nowadays, thugs have become smart, in fact, they don’t have to steal your passport wallet to get the information they require. They have RFID gadgets that can steal your information easily. Make sure the travel wallet you choose has an RFID blocking technology otherwise your information will fall into the wrong hands.

  3. Durability 

    Obviously, it does not make sense to spend money on buying passport wallets every time you want to travel. You can avoid this by purchasing a product that will hold up during all your trips. Ensure that the build quality and material are solid enough.

  4. Style & Convenience 

    Another important feature is the style of the holder. Don’t just buy an ordinary wallet, choose one that has an awesome design. This way, you will be confident to remove your wallet even when paying for stuff. In addition, you should also aim to buy a convenient product. By convenience, I mean a passport wallet that has many compartments and is lightweight. Such a travel wallet will come in handy, especially if you are traveling together with your family. 

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Fossil Men's Derrick Leather RFID blocking Bifold Wallet,...
Exterior Details: 100% Leather; bifold wallet with flip ID; no closure; imported; Measurements: 45"L x 075"W x 35"H

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