15 Easy Styling Ideas for Naturally Curly Hair

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Though full of personality and life, curly hair needs a bit of care when it comes to styling. Of course, the aim is to achieve curls that behave, but we also want to be more creative.

Don’t worry because if you have curly hair and you want to go for a casual or a formal look, these styling ideas for naturally curly hair are sure to impress.


1. The Daily Topknot

Photo by Ben Waardenburg

Tie your hair into a ponytail and use an elastic band to secure it. Divide it into two sections. Wrap the first section around the ponytail’s base and pin it using a Bobby pin. Take the second section and wrap it around the first. Again, use a Bobby pin to secure it. Give your topknot a full-rounded shape by tugging your curls with your fingers.

2. The Braided Bun

Photo by Godisable Jacob

Everyone loves a good bun, but if you are going somewhere very special, why not level it up? When forming your daily topknot, take a small section of hair. Braid it and wrap it around your bun’s base. Secure the section with a Bobby pin.

3. Headband Braid

Photo by Christopher Campbell

Do you want to keep your curls tamed? Do you want to keep them from sticking to your face? You might want to create a braided headband. It’s a great way to let down your hair and keep it from going into your eyes.

4. Cornrows

Photo by Matthew Henry

This hairstyle has been around for quite a long time now. To do this, divide your hair into two sections. Separate each into three sections. And then, start braiding. Start at the front and top, take the piece on the right-hand side into the middle under the center section. Repeat the pattern on the left side. Add more hair as you braid. Secure the braid with an elastic band.

5. Braid Out

Photo by Brooke Cagle

The braid out hairstyle is the easiest and most versatile hairstyle a curly-haired girl can do. Just braid the hair into two and remove them in the morning. The next morning, you should wake up to a different curl pattern. To keep the curls, use moisturizing natural hair care products the night before you braid your hair.

6. The Curly Ponytail

Photo by Lukas Martynas Janosek

Simply tie up your curls into a high ponytail. That’s it. It’s chic, fast, and simple.

7. Cropped Curls

Photo by Mike Von

Do you have looser curls? If so, why not sport a cropped cut to avoid the time-consuming styling.

8. Volumized Curls

Photo by Alex Holyoake

Soft curls may feel great, but these can become lifeless in the long run. If you want to add volume to your curls, use a hair dryer diffuser. After you wash your hair, spritz enough volumizing spray to protect your curls against heat. And then, blast with a hair dryer diffuser. Once your curls have fully dried, flip them over and shake from the roots.

9. Bohemian-Inspired

Photo by David Thomaz

One of the easiest ways to style a naturally curly hair is to spritz a hair volumizing product and accessorize your curls with a bohemian-inspired headband.

10. Level It Up with Bangs

Photo by Ionut Coman Photographer

Tease the upper half of your curls with some bangs. Sweep them to one side and create an elegant look.

11. Fishtail Braid

Photo by Lum3n.com

Who said styling curly hair is such a complicated thing to do? You can actually rock a simple fishtail braid for a very stylish look.

12. Half-Up Curls

Photo by Megan Lewis

Even loose curls need to be defined. Tie half of your curls into a bun and just leave the rest down for a casual look.

13. Lazy Waves

Photo by Eduardo Dutra

The lazy waves style is a great hairstyle for those lazy hair days. It’s an ideal style for those with loose waves because it will add an illusion of movement. Plus, it is very easy to maintain and requires minimal effort. Let your hair down and spritz your favorite volumizing spray and you’re good to go.

14. The Modern Coils

Photo by George Gvasalia

This simple layered cut will partially cover your face to create a mysterious look.


15. Long Bob with a Hint of Kink

Photo by Jonas Svidras

Is your hair not that wavy and not that straight? Then this hairstyle might be the best option for you. It’s unique and natural. You’ll leave a lasting, positive impression!

Do not forget these styling ideas. You might need them in the future.

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